Kamilla Kozma BA, Msc

Our new colleague, Kamilla

In June 2023, we are happy to welcome Kamilla into our team of colleagues, sharing offices in Sonnenstraße. Like Richard and Irena, she works independently of the other therapists, coaches and cousellors (with separate liability) and has her own separate business within the rooms we all share.

Kamilla is an MSc level psychologist and has recently specialised in helping couples through „Schema Therapy“. She offers support in English and Hungarian.

Kamilla obtained her qualifications in the Netherlands and Hungary. For legal purposes here in Germany, she is currently qualified as a „Beraterin“ / counsellor, which means she is able to offer advice and support in navigating emotional and life challenges, but she is unable to make formal diagnoses or offer medical or psychotherapeutic support.

Kamilla is supported in her work by her dog, London.

And in her own words…

One of my biggest interests in life is the continual discovery as to how to help others learn how to love themselves and others in a healthy way.

I have spent most of my career so far working with expats and internationals from all over the world, providing interventions for a wide variety of mental health conditions and difficulties, specifically persistent, long-term patterns of inner experiences and self-defeating behaviours, as well as communication and interpersonal problems, assertiveness-related problems, and mood and anxiety disorders. I also have experience in psychological first aid and crisis intervention after trauma. I offer sessions in English and Hungarian. 

I acquired my diploma in Adult Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University, and I completed my couple’s therapy training at the International Society of Schema Therapy in Frankfurt. I follow an evidence-based, mostly Schema Therapy and CBT-focused, but still integrative approach.

In both individual and couple’s work, I value human freedom, authenticity, and creativity, as well as full, unconditional acceptance and empathy. Because I am determined to keep expanding my competencies, I keep myself up to date with current research, and continuously participate in trainings.

When I am not focused on work, I am passionate about any form of artistic expression, whether it is fine art, music, literature, dance, or theatre. 

Please note that because of regulations in Germany, I am currently unable to focus on helping clients recover from a psychiatric diagnosis but I am able to support you increasing your resilience.

Schema Couples Counselling

„A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.“ Paul Romer

Schema Couple’s Counselling is an evidence-based, modern and effective treatment method. It focuses on emotional reconnection and prevents escalation and alienation. Over the course of the work together, we identify the underlying self-defeating patterns behind your relationship problems, foster compassion and intimacy, and introduce solutions. You can gain a good understanding of your experience on a personal and couple level, and work towards long-term improvement.

Active interventions and at-home practices are an essential part of the work. In the long-term, this is designed to help you acquire tools to resolve your relationship issues without my assistance.

What problems can I help you with? 

Here is just a short sample of some of the experiences I can help you with:

  • bad communication and recurring conflicts
  • resentment, hostility
  • neglect, stonewalling, disconnection
  • lack of intimacy
  • relationship crises
  • compatibility issues
  • preparation or prevention before big decisions such as marriage, starting a family, moving to a new place, etc.
  • combative separation

Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilisation (ASSYST)

ASSYST is an intervention designed for people who have intense psychological distress and/or physiological/somatic reactivity caused by recent traumatic events.  It can be administered within the first one and a half months after the adverse experience. Evidence shows that it can prevent the onset of long-term post traumatic conditions such as PTSD.


“I first came to Kamilla to deal with some relationship issues. After more than two years of practicing together, I can say that the work we achieved went way above my expectations. Kamilla genuinely listened to my concerns and feelings; she always made me feel accepted, supported. She has been of great advice regarding different situations. Our sessions helped me have a better understanding of myself and my behaviors. It really was a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance! I am forever grateful for her assistance… Truly a life-changing experience!”

J., male, 22 years old

“When I started working with Kamilla, I was in the midst of a crisis. With Kamilla’s help, I was able to overcome that crisis, and now we’re able to dig into some of the unhelpful, negative thinking and habits that contributed to the crisis. Kamilla is kind, patient, and empathetic. I have worked with many therapists in the past, but none have taught me as much as Kamilla. I feel that I am a stronger, healthier person now, and able to weather future crises.”

C., female, 36 years old

London, Kamilla’s 4-legged assistant

Meet London, my little assistant, who will always cuddle you if you are sad. She is gentle, sensitive, and highly intelligent. London has already gained experience in helping get over dog phobia.

Please let me know if you are uncomfortable with dogs and do not want to meet her. That’s not a problem.