Biographical Questionnaire

Here you can find links to the current version of my Biographical Questionnaire in English.

After we have met and have decided to work together, you can download it and fill it out on your computer or print it and fill it out by hand.

Using it, I can efficiently get an overview of your biography, which would otherwise take several therapy sessions and I can better plan the rest of our therapy work together. For you it is also an opportunity to reflect in detail on your life up to the current point and what is important for our work together. Most clients find that they learn a lot about themselves through the process of answering the questions.

The charge for this part of the therapy is generally refunded as standard by private health service providers. Our current fees are available upon request.

The first version is a Word document for PC: Biographical Questionnaire 2016 (word for PC)

The second version is a Pages document for Apple Mac: Biographical Questionnaire 2016 (pages for Apple Mac)

Screening Questions

The screening questions are useful at the beginning of therapy to help us ensure that no important problems have been ignored, which could then significantly hamper therapeutic progress .

And the other is is a Pages document for Apple Mac: Screening Fragen EN

Again, one version is a Word document: Screening Fragen EN


Download the Self-Observation form to gather more useful information about your issues.

Activity and Mood Observation

Download the Activity and Mood Observation form to see how you are using your daily life.

Weekend Planning

Download the Weekend Planning form to help plan and assess how you spend your weekends.


To ensure your therapy maintains a high standard, I have developed a special feedback form. It is very important to me to collect your impressions with respect to how the therapy is going. That way I can adjust the therapy to your changing needs. You can download it as a pdf.