Testimonials for Dr. Richard Scott

The experience of taking a plane and flying is enjoyable to most people. For me, it has always elicited immense fear and sitting still for a couple of hours in the plane constantly thinking that I would die always left me emotionally and physically exhausted afterwards. When my flights multiplied and I could bear the anxiety and emotional suffering no more, I decided to seek help from Dr Scott.

Dr Scott helped me break down my fear into its components, explained to me the interplay of the different centers of the brain responsible, and then we constructed together a hierarchy of situations that elicit my fear, from least to most potent. He motivated me to put myself in such situations, gave me a few mental and breathing techniques to better master the situations, but most importantly provided me with a safe space to express my worries without shame.

After a couple of sessions and exposure work, I am happy to say that my anxiety level while flying is now minimal and I can concentrate and get work done, or simply relax while flying. I highly recommend Dr Scott for exposure therapy.

PhD Student, 27 years old.

I decided to try therapy because I was always under a lot of stress which was affecting my life quality. Dr. Scott was very easy to talk to and was able to empathize with what my struggles were from the start. His questions about myself really helped me evaluate myself better. After a couple sessions, Dr. Scott made me realize different ways to handle stress and how to keep it under control in general. I am thankful for Dr. Scott’s help and I would recommend him to anyone who’s going through a similar situation.

Graduate student, 27 years old

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”. 

This quote exactly explains my experience with Dr. Scott since he not only helped me with the particular issue in hand, but he taught me how to think and prepare myself facing similar adversary. 

I start my session with Dr. Scott since I had work cultural shock and I failed to properly evaluate myself. He helped me to identify the emotional triggers, how to avoid them, and how to deal with their after-effect. His cultural tips were wonderful and help me to fit in better. 

I am very grateful for his helps and I recommended him to all my friends and colleagues.

Scientist, 34 years old

„I decided to do some therapy sessions because I was having issues in a long-term relationship. Richard put me completely at ease from the first moment and I felt comfortable discussing my issues with him. During the first session he asked me some questions about myself to get an idea of my personality etc. and I was impressed with how good a picture of me he could obtain with relatively little information. In the following sessions Richard let me talk freely about what I was going through while subtly guiding the discussion with few questions, which clearly (in hindsight) led me to better understand myself and helped me come to terms with what I had to do, especially accepting the inevitable painful side of a break-up. I would definitely recommend therapy with Richard.“

Graduate, 33

„I met with Richard a few times when I was having an especially hard time with my recent move to Germany. I am American and was struggling with all the changes associated with a new life overseas. It was really nice to speak with someone (a native English speaker especially) who was also living as an expat and could relate to my experience. Richard was very thoughtful and easy to talk to about my challenges. Six months later, I’m really enjoying my time in Munich and Richard’s guidance was certainly a push in the right direction for me to get to this point“

Management Consultant, 27