If you are interested in psychotherapy or even if you just want to ask if psychotherapy might be helpful for you, you can fill out the contact form below or call us on 089 / 53 88 65 43.

You can get in touch with your preferred therapist directly:

Calum Anderson: mail@calumanderson.de

Richard Scott: mail@drrichardascott.com

Tobias Baumann: psychotherapie.baumann@posteo.de

You will be called back as soon as possible. Emails are checked on a daily basis during the week.

You can just get in touch with no obligation involved.

To help structure your enquiry, you may like to use the following questions about your enquiry:

1. For which reasons have you decided to begin psychotherapy?

2. How long have you had the problems?

3. What effect do these symptoms have on your life? (e.g. work, family, relationship, free time, friends)

4. Which are your most important goals for the psychotherapy?

5. Which impressions have led you to coming to us or the particular therapist you have chosen?

6. Have you already been in psychotherapy?

7. Have you already been in psychiatric treatment?

8. Have you been given a diagnosis? If so, which one(s)?