Behavioral Therapy – a Highly Effective Form of Therapy

The goal of behavioural therapy is to assist you in developing lasting solutions for your problems. In the process of therapy for depression and other psychological problems, we try to understand the difficulties in as much detail as necessary. As in other therapy forms, behavioural therapy also works at enabling you to better understand yourself and how you got where you are today. However, beyond that, it is our goal to enable you to make practical changes within a short period of time, so that new impulses develop out of the new insights. Behavioural therapy always does very well in empirical studies and is a highly effective therapy approach. This is why I chose to specialise in it.

Since I believe in thinking outwith the sometimes restrictive boxes of the long-established psychotherapy approaches, I am an Integrative Behavioural Therapist. This means that I integrate elements of Systemic Couples and Family Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy by Leslie Greenberg and Schema Therapy by Jeffrey Young into my behavioural therapy approach. As such I offer treatments that work firstly on alleviating symptoms but then move to deeper background topics so that the progress can be long-lasting and enable an improved quality of life.