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Private Practice for Psychotherapy Munich – Sonnenstraße 16

Calum Anderson, Founder of the Practice, Psychologist and State-Approved Psychotherapist, qualified and fully recognised here in Germany.

Dr. Richard Scott, BSc, MRes, PG Dip, PsychD. Psychologist and Psychotherapist (here in Germany according to HPG, Heilpraktikergesetz).

Video – Dr. Richard Scott

Video – Calum Anderson

Your English-speaking Psychotherapists in Munich.

We are psychologists and psychotherapists providing modern psychotherapy treatments for a spectrum of psychological disorders and problems. Each of us has his own private practice within our shared rooms in the heart of Munich. In our practice in Munich, we offer therapy for depression, anxiety disorders and burnout as well as many other psychological difficulties. We integrate different clinical approaches to create individualized, goal-oriented therapies to increase your quality of life. As experts in psychotherapy we see it as our task to help you as the expert of your own life to get out of your current difficulties.

Flexible Behavioural Therapy for Burnout, Depression, Anxiety and other Disorders

In our private practices for psychotherapy in Munich we provide integrative behavioral therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is recognized as an effective treatment and is therefore financed by all public and private health insurance companies.

Many very effective therapy methods are included, which are proven to work as part of anxiety therapy and therapy for burnout and depression as well as others. To tailor our approach to our clients‘ needs, we flexibly include elements from other therapy schools such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness and Couple and Family therapy. You can read about our special areas and skills in our individual profiles.

Specialized Therapies for the LGBTQ+ Community

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community it is my (Calum Anderson’s) deep wish to help other members of my community to promote their mental health and well-being. I particularly wish to support my clients in the development of healthy self-esteem. And to do so, I aim to take account of the burdens of having grown up an a world that is hostile to gender identities and sexual orientations that have not always been widely accepted as standard.

You can read more here about my therapy concepts and mission.

Need therapy in English?

Perhaps you are feeling pretty lost in a foreign country? Unsure how to deal with the health care system? You need psychotherapy in English as you are fluent in it and not in German?

It is essential in psychotherapy that you feel understood and can express yourself with as few barriers as possible. As an English native speaker who did all this psychotherapy training here in Germany, I am well-equipped to help English-speaking clients needing psychotherapeutic help in English in Munich to receive the psychological help they require. Having lived in four different countries and travelled in many others, I am used to understanding and respecting cultural differences.

You may wish to have one or several sessions with your partner or other family members, in which case sessions in English and/or German are possible.

Feeling lost in the German health care system?

It can be a daunting task dealing with your health care provider when all you really need right now is some psychological help.

We are unable to provide psychotherapy funded through any of the public health care providers as we are a private practice and do not have a „Kassenzulassung“. If you are relying on funding through the public health care system, you are best advised to use the link below to find a colleague with a „Kassenzulassung“.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Increased Quality of Life

Are you interested in using more of your potential? Would you like to know if hypnosis could help you to experience more lightness and life quality? Do you see yourself as a creative individual, who would like to have better access to your inner resources? There is more and more evidence available which testifies to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for a large range of issues and disorders.

Psychologischer Psychotherapeut Calum Anderson: Privatpraxis für Psychotherapie in München – Verhaltenstherapie – Burnout Therapie – Angsttherapie | PsychotherapistPsychotherapy and Burnout Therapy in Munich