Burnout Therapy

Constantly stressed and in hectic? Completely drained? Even when you lie in bed at night, the working day is not over because you keep thinking about things that still have to be done?

Under today’s pressures many people burn out. At some point the body and the psyche go on strike and sleeping problems and nervousness are often the first signs that is time to take a real break.

I am happy to help you to understand your situation better and support you in finding ways out of the situation you may not yet have perceived so you can find a healthy balance between stress and relaxation. You can contact me at any time with no obligation to discuss how we might proceed.

Background to Burnout

The symptoms of burnout are similar to those of other psychological difficulties (esp. depression and anxiety disorders). People who suffer from burnout have usually invested a lot of energy into projects and too little in their regeneration so that in the end it’s as though the batteries are empty. A feeling of indifference to everything may even start to take hold. 

There can be various reasons for everything becoming overwhelming:

• mismatch between personality and work environment

• excessive investment of energy into work

• perfectionism or an overly critical attitude towards oneself or others

• conflicts with other people

• difficulties setting priorities (in daily life as well as life generally)

• difficulty accessing one’s own emotions, needs and wishes

Every crisis offers an opportunity!

Burnout responds well to treatment. Psychotherapy in my private practice makes it possible to sort things out anew. It is important in particular to understand what is most valuable to you in life in order to work out a positive orientation in life. With my help you can rediscover resources, which were recently blocked. Gradually you can learn to use your resources appropriately and prevent future burnout.

During my time as co-head of the group for burnout in the Tagklinik Westend, Munich, and in out-patient therapy I have worked with many people suffering from these symptoms. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out about the possibility of therapy for burnout.