Let’s talk about you…

Psychotherapy can be very powerful, life-changing and healing.

The decisive basis for good therapy is the fit between client and therapist.

This is why we want to get to know enough about you to allow us to carefully select the right therapist for you.

So let’s talk about you. Here are some starting points for our dialogue to help us quickly get an overview:

  1. Why have you chosen this moment to reach out for therapy?
  2. What do you imagine could be the best result of a series of therapy sessions?
  3. Which impressions have led you to coming to us or the particular therapist you have chosen?
  4. Have you been in therapy before?
  5. Have you received diagnoses? If so, which ones?

If you wish to send a general enquiry to the practice, which will be processed by any one of our team, just write to mail@calumanderson.de or call on 089/53886543. Your enquiry will be answered within 24-48 hours on working days.

Or you can get in touch with your preferred therapist directly:

Calum Anderson: secure.calumanderson à protonmail.com or 0151/56919085 (e.g. using voice messaging via Signal or Telegram).

Richard Scott: mail@drrichardascott.com.

Funding using Private Health Insurance

The costs of therapy are usually reimbursed in full by private health insurance providers. It is best to inquire with your health insurance company and ask to what extent the costs will be covered as the contracts often vary. There may be a limitation to the number of sessions that can be funded or the costs, which they will reimburse may be capped. Some policies exclude any kind of psychotherapy. Since policies differ so much, the only reliable source of information is your representative at your health insurance company.

Our charges are regulated by the official scale of fees for psychological psychotherapists (“Gebührenordnung für Psychologische Psychotherapeuten”, GOP). In 2022 we charge the standard rates with a multiplicator of 3.09 and plan to adjust the prices in line with inflation at the start of each new year. Under exceptional circumstances (e.g. for complex problems or sessions over 50 minutes long) we may use a higher multiplicator.

You personally receive invoices from your therapist. Depending on your contract, you will later be reimbursed partially or in full by your insurance company.

Should you wish to cover the costs of therapy out of your own pocket, we negotiate suitable arrangements for you at the beginning of therapy.