Costs in Private and Public Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance

The costs of therapy are usually reimbursed in full by private health insurance providers. It is best to inquire with your health insurance company and ask to what extent the costs will be covered as the contracts often vary. There may be a limitation to the number of sessions that can be funded or the costs, which they will reimburse may be capped. Some policies exclude any kind of psychotherapy. Since policies differ so much, the only reliable source of information is your representative at your health insurance company.

Our charges are regulated by the official scale of fees for psychological psychotherapists (“Gebührenordnung für Psychologische Psychotherapeuten”, GOP). We charge the standard rates with a multiplicator of 3.09. Under exceptional circumstances (e.g. for complex problems or sessions over 50 minutes long) we use a higher multiplicator. For the sake of clarity you can find a detailed summary of all possible costs in the table below.

You personally receive invoices from your therapist. Depending on your contract, you will later be reimbursed partially or in full by your insurance company.

Should you wish to cover the costs of therapy out of your own pocket, we negotiate suitable arrangements for you at the beginning of therapy.

How can I find an English-speaking psychotherapist who takes public health insurance?

Officially the first port of call for anyone seeking psychotherapy through a public health service provider is the „psychologische Sprechstunde“, which any psychotherapists with a „Kassenzulassung“ are obliged to provide on a regular basis. You can therefore find a psychotherapist with a „Kassenzulassung“ and have one or several sessions without obligation to continue. If you book sessions in a private practice such as ours, you have to assume that you fund them entirely out of your own pocket.

If you are looking at this website, you are probably doing so because you can imagine profiting much more from psychotherapy in English than in German. Language is the most important medium in psychotherapy so it may seem absurd to you that requiring therapy in a foreign language does not legally oblige your health care provider to fund psychotherapy in a language you are fluent in. This clarification of the law has been in effect since 2008 and many public health service providers use this as a reason not to fund therapy in a private practice even if you are not fluent enough in German to benefit from therapy in that language. If you require psychotherapy in English, have public health insurance and would be unable to finance sessions yourself, we would advise you to do the following:

1. Use the service online. You can choose therapists who offer therapy in English, by specifying the „Sprache“ in your search. It is very important that when choosing the financing method (in German „Abrechnung“) that you select „GKV: Kassenzulassung“ so that your search only gives you therapists who have a „Kassenzulassung“, i.e. not a private practice. If the therapist is able to work with you and sees the necessity for psychotherapy, your health care provider has to provide the financing.

2. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Therapieplatzvermittlung of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns on 0921 787765-55030. This institution provides Informationen about free therapy places with psychotherapists, who are able to get financing directly through your health care provider.

3. The next possibility is to get in touch with your health care provider directly.