We are interested in sharing our practice rooms with colleagues who each set up their own legally separate practice under the umbrella of Psychotherapy Munich. 

Each colleague is freelance (selbständig), not employed.

We are interested in colleagues who share our values, which include: 

  • good work-life-balance
  • thoroughly enjoying our work
  • feeling inspired by one another and our diverse approaches and diverse backgrounds
  • constant learning and growing
  • offering high-quality therapy, coaching and/or counselling to clients that looks at the whole person in a deeply respectful, compassionate and curious way

Our ideal colleague would: 

  • have a psychology degree and
  • have some years of experience working independently with adult clients
  • be fluent in English
  • wish to be available to take part in our intervision groups to profit from the rich spectrum of our professional experience and strengthen our network
  • be open to the occasional friendly chat in between sessions
  • possibly be interested in working with couples

I look forward to hearing from you.

Just write to me here: