Therapy in English with male PhD Student, 27 years old, who wrote in July 2020:

„Mr Baumann did a great job at figuring out the root cause of my problems… He seemed as though he was actively engaged with what I was saying. Within a few sessions, he helped me narrow down my major problem and once we had identified it, we worked together on finding the best tools to help me and my mood improved drastically. It was a pleasure working with Mr Baumann“.

Therapy in German with male art historian, 29 years old, who wrote in February 2020:

“At the beginning of the therapy, I suffered from severe social phobia and was virtually freezing in situations with people I didn’t know. I was extremely tense at parties and presentations and afterwards I had lots of doubts about myself.
Before I met Mr. Baumann, I had often unfortunately had the experience with psychotherapists that many theories about my fears were discussed, but that my problems did not improve just by theorizing.
With Mr. Baumann’s therapy, the practical solutions were always in the focus: in a first step we analyzed problems and reflected on them, then we looked for solutions together and in the last step I implemented them
with increasing success in my everyday life. It took me a lot effort but the sense of achievement was all the greater.
Today I feel much more relaxed among people, even public lectures are no longer a problem. I have found a job where I give presentations regularly and receive positive feedback. Social events and getting to know new people are now things that enrich my life, which is very different from how it was in the past.
I hope that this active approach by Mr. Baumann will continue to help people with fears and other psychological issues in the future. ”

Therapy in German with female lawyer, 26 years old, who wrote in March 2020:

„Mr. Baumann helped me with our therapy to get through my studies. During a time of high pressure and stress, I suffered from depression and anxiety and felt exhausted and overwhelmed. Mr. Baumann was able to give me important information about my symptoms so that I could understand them better. At the same time, I experienced Mr. Baumann as a very empathic person, so I always felt in good hands with him and was able to open up easily. I found it helpful to reflect with Mr. Baumann on the connections between my current difficulties and my life history. This enabled me to understand the context of my feelings better, to be kinder to myself and to cope with depression and anxiety. I have now successfully completed my studies, feel active and self-assured enough to face the professional challenges and can enjoy life again.“

Therapy in German with a single mother and student teacher, 25 years old, who wrote in March 2020:

„I came to Mr. Baumann with a severe depression after a hospital stay. I was in no way in touch with my feelings, had lots of self-doubt and my self-esteem was very low. I didn’t know where my life should go. Mr. Baumann helped me to recognize my automatic patterns of behavior, to find the causes for these in my past and then to try out new things with practical tips and exercises. Thanks to his broad specialist knowledge, his excellent listening skills and the ability to quickly identify connections between the past and present, Mr. Baumann helped me to build up a better good life bit by bit. After completing the therapy with Mr. Baumann, I can say that I am happy with myself and can master my daily life without great difficulty.“

Therapy in German with a social worker, 45 years old, who wrote in March 2020:

„When I was in a very difficult phase in my life, I decided to do therapy with Mr. Baumann. Back then I was suffering from depression due to a difficult marital situation, I was desperate and saw no way out. Mr. Baumann accompanied me through this time with ease, confidence and, where appropriate, with some humor. With his help, I was able to find access to my needs again, which I had neglected in recent years. He helped me discover very valuable exercises in order to rediscover my “inner child” and the carefree and joyful parts of myself. I was increasingly able to make important decisions for my life again and find the courage to free myself from stressful relationships. Now at the end of therapy, I feel balanced, stable and resilient. I can laugh again and enjoy doing spontaneous activities with friends and family.“