Curriculum Vitae

There are times of despair, helplessness or hopelessness, in which you just don’t know the way forward. This can be because of fears, depression, compulsions, a large number of physical symptoms, a chronic illness or loss. Or it can be due to behaviors such as putting off exams or damaging patterns in life (such as interactions with others or the way you treat yourself), which bring a lot of suffering with them and prevent us from leading a “normal” or “desirable” life. My task as a psychotherapist is to work with you to help you find a way that makes it easier for you to contentedly go through life. In doing so, I strive to contribute towards your feeling accepted as you are, no matter what your problems are. Just as important for moving forward in therapy is your own independent work – at your own pace, within your own possibilities. Some important points within the therapy process can be the development of a mindful (e.g. a conscious, non-evaluating), caring attitude towards yourself, perhaps laying aside destructive patterns. Being able to deal with other people e.g. as part of a couple is something I also see as very important. This implies being able to stand up for your own interests and at the same time it means solving conflicts with others constructively. In this way, relationships can be improved and stabilized, which is an important element for the development and maintenance of your health and well-being.

No matter what your goals are, it’s important for us to find an individual way that suits you. It may be that for your symptoms and progress a highly planned approach is best or indeed perhaps a more open and experiential concept may be right for you instead. Often it is only through starting the process that we find out exactly. My studies and training so far have equipped me with methods from cognitive behavioral therapy, schema-therapy, metacognitive therapy and mindfulness therapy and enable me to tailor an individual therapy concept to your needs.

2001 – 2007 Psychology degree, Universität Regensburg.
2004 Research apprenticeship at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra – Barcelona, Spanien, in the area Computational Neuroscience.
2005 – 2006 Additional degree in „International Expertise“.
2006 Lecturer at the Universität Regensburg for the seminar in „International Expertise“.
2005 – 2007 Study at Regensburg Regional Hospital on: „Positive experiences of family members of patients with schizophrenia or a personality disorder with respect to their subjective feeling of stress and their coping strategies“.
2008 – 2012 Training to become a „psychological psychotherapist“ with specialization in behavioral therapy at the Gesellschaft für Angewandte Psychologie Verhaltensmedizin mbH (apv) in Münster.
2008-2009 Psychotherapist in training at the MediClin Deister Weser Klinik – Fachklinik für Verhaltensmedizin und Psychosomatik.
2010-2012 Out-patient therapy work at the Institutsambulanz der apv Münster.
2012 Completion of training as a „psychological psychotherapist“.
from 2012 Out-patient work in Munich as a „psychological psychotherapist“.
2012 – 2014 Training in Schema Therapy by Jeffrey E. Young at vfkv München and continual Supervision with Dr. med. Ludwig Grünwald.
2014 ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) training at AWP Berlin.
2015 – Continued training in „Systemic Couple Therapy“ at iStob, Munich.
until today Continued training in current developments e.g. eating disorders or personality disorders at vfkv Munich.
until today Continued participation in Intervision and Supervision.